Monday, December 6, 2010

Holiday Hands Contest: Julia's Christmas Wish List

  Hello everyone! I hope everyone had a great weekend. 
We have another entry to our "Holiday Hands" contest. Julia is from Indiana and a Jane of many trades. Julia is at the helms of Aesthetic Design Style, a company that acts as a liaison between independent fashion designers and retailers. Julia has her own jewelry line called ShaSAM3 and top that off with being an excellent mommy and wife. Julia shares her Christmas wish list with us.

My family's happiness
An angel investor to believe in my business as much as I believe in it and myself (and more :)
Peace on earth - FOR REAL!
And for the fashion mogul I want to become, I would like more Jeffery Campbell in my life - but don't worry my husband won't be upset until he finds all the shoes I hide in the trunk of my car :)

  (Jeffery Campbell's Lita Boot $178 at Urban Outfiters.)

Wishing everyone the best holiday season of all!

Thanks Julia! Remember to email your wish list to by December 15th for a chance to win our "Holiday Hands" gift basket worth $40. The winner will be announced December 17th.


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