Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Reflection: Commitment

It's October! October is such a busy month; school has started, the holiday season is about to begin and it's my anniversary. My boyfriend and I have been together four years, October 19th. It's the longest relationship I've ever been in. I've wondered why this one lasted? What makes us tick? I thank God that we've been together this long and hope we will see many more years together.
(Jason and I Vegas 2009)
Today's question of the day derived from a television show I watched with my boyfriend. I don't remember what show or even who it featured, but a woman talked about her past relationship and why it ended. She used the phrase, "she fell out of love". So my boyfriend puts on his OMG face and says, "what does that even mean?"  Then a question sparked my interest, if it's so easy to fall out of love with someone, were you ever in love to begin with?
We are a generation that moves at a fast pace. Everything, objects and even people are easily disposable and replaceable; and our love lives are suffering. We want to try new things. We get easily distracted. As human beings, we long for companionship; even if it's fleeting. My friend is in the dating scene right now. I'm surprised at how many men she encounters that tell her, openly and without remorse, they have a girlfriend/wife at home. Their significant other is at home trying to establish a life with this person, while their man is out courting other women/men. Most of these men are shocked that she (my friend) disagrees with their infidelity. And women, you're not excluded, you are just as trifling... if not more.
There is a lack of commitment in our relationships. We fall out of love because there wasn't a foundation of love in the relationship. Relationships are a lot of work. It's not easy to be with someone through the good times and bad. We give up easily and we search for something or someone that is not there; not real. Don't start something that you can't finish. Don't get into a relationship with anyone unless it's real and you build your foundation with love. Not fleeting love or lust, but true love.
RL's First Luncheon
Next Saturday, October 16th is Ruby Leonne's first luncheon. I'm a little dismayed. We've had a lot of people say they're attending, but no one purchased a ticket yet. If you plan to attend the luncheon, email us at rubyleonne@gmail.com and we can reserve your ticket and get your name on the list. Please contact us as soon as possible. Bravo's will need a head count to prepare our meal. I'm going to be out and about this weekend. I will post where I will be so if anyone wants to meet to buy tickets we can do that. Come, network and meet others while having a great meal. Calling Anjie and Koko tonight and I'm sure they have something in store for us. Remember email us at rubyleonne@gmail.com and leave your contact information. We will give you a call shortly.
~ Janelle

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