Sunday, October 24, 2010

Reflection: October is Breast Cancer Month

As many of you know by now October is Breast Cancer awareness month.  Last November, I noticed a lump in my breast. I lost both parents to cancer, so I took this lump seriously. I made my appointment to have a mammogram done in January.  

 I was nervous because I heard stories of pain and discomfort while having the procedure done.  The day came for me to go to my appointment and my husband went me for support. I remembered hearing the door close as I departed him and changed into a gown. All I could think of was our life together. I thought about our kids and my parents.   

 I see this intimidating machine. I say to myself, "that's supposed to smoosh my breast"?  I recalled how my husband's grandmother described the procedure, smooshing your breasts into a pancake. I held still as the machine took pictures of my breast. It was the longest seconds, or minutes, of my life.  

I’m still in my gown in the waiting room, and the nurse returns and to tell me she would like to do mammogram again. I asked her what alarmed her. She put the x ray to the light and I see this circle.  She explains if it something the doctor doesn’t like, they conduct an ultrasound and check closer. She smooshed away. 

I sat in the waiting room for the second time. The door open and the doctor entered. Now I’m nervous! She ask me to follow her. The doctor conducted an ultrasound on my breast. She explained to me it could be a temporary lump, and urged me to come back in six months for a follow-up.  I went back for my follow-up visit and the lump was GONE! 

I'm so happy, but I will do another check up in six months to be safe.  Never ignore pains or symptoms, go to your doctor and ask QUESTIONS. 


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