Sunday, October 24, 2010

She Did the Monster Mash: Halloween Suggestions

Do you let your creative juices flow when planning your Halloween costume? 

I like to use resources I have on hand when it comes to Halloween planning; from clothes to make-up.  Sometimes you have to use what you've got. There are some overpriced costumes out there.  I remember the plastic costumes that ripped and destroyed by the time you finished trick or treating. My kids enjoy dressing up for Halloween, but mommy tries to use her creativity. My challenge this year is a witch and Spiderman costume for the kids this year. (or whatever they change their mind to again)

I love theme parties because you get to see people get CREATIVE!  Having a theme party really sets the mood and environment. The choices you use for location, food and drink are important too. I would like to suggest a few themes and a website for food.

1.       Decades – You pick one decade you want to promote and decorate according to the decade. Check the Internet for options. Look on eBay for hard to find but inexpensive pieces to set the mood.

 (80's Party at Janelle's House, Halloween 2009)

(Janelle and her sister. Pretty In Pink meets Janice from the Muppet Show, Halloween 2009)

2.       Movies - Pick a movie that everyone is familiar with and dress in those characters.

3.       Celebrity - We all think we look like someone famous, take these characteristics and have fun with them. Create a game of charades to guess who's who.

4.       Animals- Try makeup and face paint to bring out the animal in you.

5.       Cartoon – We all have our favorite characters from childhood, choose a character that reminds you of your inner child.

(Wilma and Pebbles, Halloween 2009)

6.       Box- Creating a costume from a box might be tricky, but it gives the party something to talk about.

There are tons of food ideas you can find online. Websites like Kraft and Allrecipes, explore Halloween food options in depth. Check them out!


(All pictures taken by Janelle Cissell from last year's Halloween soiree)

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