Friday, October 8, 2010

Proenza Schouler's Act Da Fool

Fashion house Proenza Schouler's new line debuts in a short film, directed by Harmony Korine (director of the movie Kids), called Act Da Fool. I really love the pieces displayed in the film and as much as I love black women being promoted in fashion and film, this video makes me a bit uncomfortable. 

The film shows a day in the life scenario of a young poor black woman wearing the Proenza Schouler brand. The visual is embraced by a poem spoken in the main character's point of view. The viewer follows the woman in her daily routine which consist of drinking 40s and destruction of property with her friends while looking fabulous in Proenza Schouler. This video in my opinion promotes the stereotypical life of a young black woman in the ghetto. I understand the grit and the realism the designers tried to display, but I feel it was at the expense of black women. In my opinion, we are starting to go back to the time where black women would only be portrayed as cooks and mammies. Now in the media, black women are portrayed as ghetto hoodrats delinquents with no education or class. I will admit toward the end of the film the woman shows she's a dreamer; this is the life she doesn't want to live. Unfortunately for her, if she continues down the road the character travels, she will be destined to stay in the world created for her.  

There are some black women that lead a hard life, but there are others that can't relate to this stereotype. Again, I love the promotion of black women in fashion and film, but let's try to promote the full spectrum of black women.

What do you think about Proenza Schouler's short film?

Proenza Schouler's Interview about their short film "Act Da Fool".

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  1. How did I miss this? If the collection was inspired by the "type" of girls presented in this film and in "Kids", then it makes a little more sense. However, I think the lack of diversity (girls of other races come from disadvantaged situations, too) and reinforcement of stereotypes detracts from the message they speak about in their interview.

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