Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pretty In Red

I always loved the movie "Pretty In Pink". I didn't enjoy it for the actual plot, though poor girl and rich boy falling in love with each other through adversity and the disapproval of others, is a picture perfect story. I loved the movie for its wardrobe.  The costume pieces in this movie inspired the real life street couture of the 80's. Molly Ringwald's character, Andie, constructed her own clothes. I will always remember Iona's, Annie Pott's larger than life character, Asian/Warhol inspired frock. I was a kid lusting for their sense of style. 

(Scenes of Iona and Andie - From

Being a compulsive eater, I decided to start using my boredom and hunger to channel my creativity. My new project is to make clothes. God knows, I'm not a fashion designer, but I figured it would be a fun task. My first project was to complete a tu tu. I executed my first project perfectly. I'm proud of myself that I finished. Thanks to blogger Amelia Pontes ( and her resurrection of her closeted tu tu, I wanted to free my tu tu this weekend. I must admit it was fun gallivanting around Indy in my masterpiece. I got a few stares, some great comments and even embarrassed my boyfriend by displaying my ballet positions in the middle of the Castleton Square parking lot!

(Blk tank-Old Navy, Red tank-Torrid, Tu tu-Janelle, Deconstructed legging-Torrid)

(Probably going to be the last hot weekend of the year!)


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