Monday, October 25, 2010

Local Love: Project IMA: Fashion Unbound

The Indianapolis Museum of Art's (IMA) Fashion Arts Society held a competition for local designers on Friday, October 22, at 7 p.m. with a second showing at 8 p.m. in the Toby inside of  the IMA. Project IMA: Fashion Unbound brought 40 designers, models, stylists and fans together to celebrate the art of fashion in the Circle City.

The Fashion Arts Society is a new group affiliated with the IMA to promote the collision of fashion and art. They orchestrate many fashion oriented exhibitions and special events. Project IMA: Fashion Unbound is just one of the events the Fashion Arts Society hosted this year.  
There were two awards presented to the best of show and audience choice. The best of show winner received the Elizabeth Kraft Meek Fashion Award of $500. The audience choice will receive a $250 Saks Fifth Avenue gift card. Voting for the audience choice was done online and ended Saturday night. 

My mother and I had a girl's night out; something that we rarely do. It was great to go with her and share our love of fashion. But after she kept stopping everyone to tell them how gorgeous they looked, I was done it was so nice of her! (Love ya Ma! I guess it wouldn't be the same if you didn't)
  These are my favorite pieces of the night.

Special thanks to local designer, Nikki Blaine, for letting me use her photos.  Running late, I forgot my camera.  Also I will be adding more pictures and names of the designers as they come in.  I was looking good too!  I may have to reconstruct my look and take pictures.  I had on a black long sleeved mini Dere'on dress.  I've been off my game all weekend.  I apologize.

(Designer: Emilliner by Emily Clark ~ That hat is goregous!)

(Designer: Nancy Todd ~ Nine women were zipped up together and unzipped themselves into groups of three. Amazing piece! What was even more amazing, they stayed in sync why walking the runway!)

(This patriot inspired flock is one of my favorite pieces from the show.)

(Designer: DLANG; designer and producer of IFT "Indy Fashion Time")

(Designer: d. lamont couture)

(Designer: d. lamont couture ~ When this male model stomped onto the runway, the crowd got excited. Unfortunately, I think my mother was the loudest person in the building. He IS good eye candy though. The vest and the tailored pant was good too!)

(Designer: Nikki Blaine and styled by One-Of-A-Kind Pieces by Zoe Renee Ashley)

The Fashion Arts Society is sponsoring an exhibition called Body Unbound: Contemporary Couture from the IMA's Collection. The exhibit is on view at the IMA until January 30, 2011. I will be going sometime within the next few weeks. I will blog about that in the future.


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