Monday, September 27, 2010

In God We Trust

In recent days, there is a scandal rocking the church community. The alleged discretion of Bishop Eddie Long is causing strife and discontentment within the religious community and rocking what many Christians believe in. Everyone is voicing their opinions on if the minister is innocent or guilty. Lots of people are condemning him for his actions. Other people are condemning the people who are even talking about it. Even on Facebook a women stated all who talked about the allegations shouldn't speak on them and warned these people will "wake up dead" tomorrow because they are speaking against an "anointed" man.

Religion is always a touchy topic. Whether it is opening an Islamic center at Ground Zero or a minister allegedly using his clout to persuade young men to have sex with him, religion is one of the top sources for today's news.

We have to remember as people, if you're lucky enough to believe in a higher power, you have to make sure that we don't put your trust and faith into mere men. We have to stop putting people, ministers and celebrites on this pedestal and follow what we truly believe in. We have to stop judging others and loving our higher power and ourselves. At the end of the day, that's all you got.

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