Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fluffy is Disgusting: Response to Marie Claire Blog

 I'm sure by now the whole plus size industry is in an uproar about Marie Claire's article, "Should Fatties Get A Room? (Even on TV)", written by the now infamous Maura Kelly. Kelly shared with her readers two fat people kissing "grosses her out" and to see a fat person walking is "aesthetically displeasing". People are mad...hell most people are downright pissed off! Her words slung across the computer like daggers into the minds and hearts of people of various sizes.

After the swarms of faithful Marie Claire followers vowed to take up arms with the publication by canceling subscriptions and not putting another dime into the pages of one of the top fashion rags, I'm sure it was the editors that urged Kelly to revisit her article and show some remorse for her words. But to tear people down because of there size is unforgivable, though Kelly tried to clean up her dirty little mess with a statement and a few comments posted. The author apologizes IF her article was found offensive and wishes the post could be taken down. A little too late for Kelly and Marie Claire, the words are already branded into the mind of the public. Tisk tisk...

Was it not a month or so ago at New York Fashion Week, the industry praised the fluffy and pseudo-fluffy and courted us with a little attention? Did they just throw us a bone to pacify our egos or was it like a form charity work?

I'm a fashion magazine hog. I subscribe and purchase quite a few. I received a please subscribe letter from Marie Claire last week. It tried to persuade me to subscribe with a low cost of $5.99. I kept in on my kitchen counter because I was going to subscribe. Last night I threw it away. I will join the boycott of Marie Claire. They have a lot of work to do to gain the trust of the public, especially the plus size people who are readers despite the lack of plus size representation.

Let Marie Claire know how you feel about the article. Though apologies were given, the issue is far from over. It's not a plus size's not a skinny's a human thing. Get on the ball MC!!!

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