Tuesday, August 31, 2010

ATTENTION....Military Looks for Fall!

I had an outfit that I bought from Lerner (now New York & Company) back when I worked for them. It looked like a band member suit. It was a black sleeveless pant jumpsuit with gold double breasted buttons that resembled a Beatles outfit. On cold days, I would wear a gold sheer bodysuit under it. Don't laugh!! It was 1996, that was "tight" back then. (I will have to go over my mother's. I can recall a picture of me in this get up. I will post later.)

The military look is a trend that repeats itself throughout history. During the 60's and 70's, people wore old authentic military jackets with their flower power gear. The 80's and 90's brought the vintage and punk look back with some military geared pieces. Now we are in 2010, and the look is more tailored and balanced with other traditional pieces. (Don't do camo from head to toe!) It makes me want to dig up that old band member suit...NAH!

I started last fall with piecing my military look together when Old Navy debuted its military jacket in khaki and black. This fall many designers and retailers are following the military trend.

(This reminds me of my outfit...but the buttons were a gaudy gold and larger!)

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