Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back to School & Kids Part One

Can uniforms be FASHIONABLE?

Yes they can! Many public schools conformed their dress code and now require students to wear uniforms. Whenever I see my children wearing their uniform, it makes me feel good that I’m not completing against another parent in the fashion world. Without school uniforms many parents become stressed out, trying to keep up with the with the Jones, buying name brand apparel the family can't afford or the children don't need. Now there is nothing wrong with wearing name brand clothing, sometimes we get so caught up with the brand that you become that name. Few parents would agree that it helps them save money by buying uniforms rather than a $100 shirt and pant name brand outfit. Please read school handbook on uniforms before making any purchases and/or alterations.

 Save on Uniforms

 Family and friends are great resources. Start a "uniform trade night "where you trade gently used uniforms with each other.

 Sales and clearance are great way to stock up when you can.

 Go to the thrift, you might be surprise what you can find.

Be creative with the uniforms

 Put your child's initials or school name on their clothes. (Monogram or iron-on)

Let your child wear school colors on Friday.

 Add a sweater vest in the winter time.


Support the school and buy a polo/sweatshirt from the school.

Let them express themselves with accessories from headbands, belts, socks, and neckties.

Start your shopping at JCPenney.com, Target.com or ChildrensPlace.com.

~ Takia

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