Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Apologies and Shoe of the Month Club

We're still here people. I apologize for not updating blogs or Facebook. I work for a university in Indianapolis, and with school around the corner, we are MAD busy. So the time I use during work to update Facebook and do some of my blogging is compromised. When I get home, I'm so sick of the computer and phones I can't see straight. I promise things will slow down and Ruby Leonne will be back in full force. We had a staff meeting on Saturday, and we have a lot of new and exciting things on our agenda. Takia Harrow is no longer a guest contributor, she is blogging full time for Ruby Leonne. So welcome to our family. She really has stepped in and taken charge in my absence lately. So sometimes on Facebook statuses, you will see two Ruby Leonne post or comments.

At work, my co-workers and I do a lot of online shopping. We happened upon a website called Shoe Dazzle. I know some of you have heard of it, but it was new to me. You pay $39.95 a month and you choose through a gallery of shoes that were selected for you based on a questionaire. Every month you can get a new shoe or accessory. You can opt out on months that you don't like your choices or can't pay for the merchandise.

Shoe Dazzle is co-founded by Kim Kardashian and a team of professional celebrity stylist. Celebrities also lend a hand in designing shoes and choosing purchases for customers.

I'm a little leary about purchasing shoes online. Shoes are a funny thing especially online and especially for me. The color can be off and the fit could be uncomfortable making your shoe purchase a bad experience. Plus there is the whole flatfooted thing that irks my nerves. So my friend, Angela, was a guinea pig. She enrolled in Shoe Dazzle's program and got her first pair of shoes. She had them delivered to work, so we all got to see the purchase. She bought the Midge, which was designed my actress Kristen Bell. The color matched perfectly to the color that was presented online and the fit her feet perfectly (size 10). She has yet to wear them for a long period of time, but so far I'm sold. I enrolled in the program and will be picking my shoe of the month soon. I will keep you updated on our progress.

Go to to learn more about the program and enroll.

~ J.

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