Monday, August 30, 2010

Discrimination at an Atlanta Nail Salon

A woman getting a pedicure in a Dekalb County, Ga, was charged an extra $5 on her tab because she was overweight. The woman received other services at the salon and started to tally her bill. She noticed she was overcharged. The manager informed the patron she was not overcharged, but billed because she was overweight. According to the shop's manager, the pedicure chairs only holds up to 200lbs. If the customer damaged the chair, it can cause repairs of up to $2500. The new $5 fee would offset any charges for repairs to broken chairs. After a discussion with the patron, the manager waived the undisclosed $5 fee, but asked the customer not to return for services in the future.

When will it stop? Private companies are imposing new rules and fees; starting their own war against the plus size community. They can do this because they are private companies, but at what cost to their patrons. Airlines started the trend by charging plus size individuals for {let face it} a seat that a thin person finds uncomfortable to sit in. America is growing and our waist size is growing too. Whether good or bad, we need to make accommodations for all people thin or plus to live a comfortable life free of bias and discrimination. What these companies need to remember, plus size patrons have money too. Shutting a group of people out because of their size will hurt the bottom line in the long run.


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