Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Curvy Girls Brought It

Photo taken from Nuvo TV
So I'm honestly done with reality television. No really...I want some truly scripted TV. But there is always a piece of me that feeds into my reality TV guilty pleasure. I hope the TV gods are not feeding us big gurls what we want and then dump us once they have our undivided attention, because I'm loving all the big gurl reality love!

The Curvy Girls special preview aired last night on NUVO TV, a station I had no idea existed, but it will be set on my favorites list. I know some people don't have this station, but if you have AT&T UVerse you should...SCORE!

The show followed plus size models Rosie, Denise, Lorna and Victoria as they put their best foot forward working in the strenuous and superficial world of modeling.

Okay so I'm a little bias on my cast favorite...I LOVE ROSIE MERCADO!! Such a beautiful humble woman. I had no idea she had three little ones. I'm so happy to see her success and hope she does well in the modeling industry. I wish there was room in the modeling world for a larger woman especially with her proportions. As a hip heavy chica myself, I understand the plight of finding clothes that fit my child bearing hips and would love to see more women on the scene that has that issue. Ms. Rosie is trying to lose weight to get more modeling gigs and we are behind you lady...every bit!

So there was a part where Rosie had a semi blind date with a person she had been chatting with online. Soon as he came into frame, he just seemed smarmy to me. The guy ended up wooing Rosie on their date, but failed to follow through after with communication and phone calls. I hate men...especially men that say I've never dated a plus size girl before. That means you have a problem with it buddy cause if you didn't her size would have never been an issue. Boo Hiss to you sir...

Denise is the face of every plus size retail store on the market. You've seen her EVERYWHERE. I really don't relate to her character at all and since I don't know her personally, just what I've seen on TV, she seems a bit haughty. I do hope that she works out a schedule with her baby daddy so he can see his daughter. I also didn't understand why he showed up at her apartment looking for her while she was in NY. Did you not tell him you were in NY? What if something happened and no one knew where you were? That seemed kinda weird. I hope my instincts are wrong about her because she is truly a beautiful woman, but from the show last night, she sucks a little. But editing is horrible on these shows...

Victoria, another model, has issues with her "botched" ta-ta job was getting on my nerves about her boobs. She had implants done, but the doctor added a little bit too much. So she was unhappy with the result. Victoria wanted to get her secrets reduced. But honestly, her breast looked natural. They looked awesome to me. Eventually she did get the reduction, hopefully the new girls are to her liking...so she can quit being ta-ta obsessed! If she talked about breast ONE MORE time, I was going to go through the TV and choke her.

Lorna is a curvy model looking for work, so she leaves NY and heads for LA to find her mark on the industry. She leaves her boyfriend behind in NY, but tries to get him to come live in LA. Lorna feels long distance relationships doesn't work. I feel her on that! LDR are hard especially if the parties are not willing to work on it and there is always the whole out of sight out of mind saying. I just hope they had that discussion of work when their relationship was still young. As a model, you do live that fast paced life and that may mean moving where the jobs are. I just hope she didn't lose a good thing. I wish her the best and hope to see her face more.

The one thing I loathe was when the girls got together for a luncheon and another model approached Denise out in public calling her and the other ladies out of their name and making a scene. I HATE THAT!! I hate when women, especially black and brown women, act an ass out in public toward each other. You are not going to like everybody and not everyone will like you...that's life. If you have issues with a person, bring that up with that person PRIVATELY. Not on a public street, in a busy restaurant, in front of that person's friends. I mean ol gurl was loud too. The owner escorted her out. I hate that. It makes it rough for Black and Latina girls who don't act in that manner rise above the stereotype. Don't feed into the hype people.
In all, I really enjoyed Curvy Girls and I hope they bring it back for a full season. Like Big Sexy, it is refreshing to see women on television that look like me and share the same feelings and insecurities. In the meantime, I will just wait until someone offers me a show. But you probably wouldn't want to see me and my friends drink wine by the gallon...or would you?


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