Thursday, October 27, 2011

This Week's Fashion Inspiration: Men's Wear

I got my Harper's Bazaar this past weekend. I love fashion magazines, Jason would even say I'm obsessed with them. I've done A LOT better! In the past, I subscribed to every fashion rag there was. I had laundry baskets full of magazines...I didn't want to throw them away just in case I saw something I wanted to copy or something that caught my eye. Now I only have one subscription now that my Vogue has expired; Harper''re my only friend!

Black, white and red is my FAVORITE color scheme. I could dress in those colors at all times. In fact, I have to make myself by some color in my wardrobe. But these two pics from Harper's caught my eye this weekend and they are my fashion inspiration for the week.

I love menswear! In the fall and winter, I barely wear dresses or skirts. Hey...don't judge I live in Indiana and with the cold and snow, skirts are sometimes not an option...AND I HATE TIGHTS AND PANTYHO!!  (Yes I call pantyhose, pantyho, I had a friend in college and that's what is mother used to call's stuck with me ever since.) I'm really stocking up on menswear pieces and I plan to post a menswear OOTD soon. In the meantime...feast on this!


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