Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fall is Death...LET ME EXPLAIN!

Fall is my FAVORITE time a year. I love wearing sweaters and drinking warm apple cider. I love the brisk wind as it whips through my open windows at night as a snuggle with Jay because we've got no where to go.

It's a season of transition. In my mind, fall is...well death. WAIT!! LET ME FINISH!!  Look around you. Look at the trees with their reds, oranges and yellow leaves or barren with skinny twigs blowing in the breeze. Gestation dying...animals preparing for a seasonal death. Halloween and the Day of the Dead, two holidays that focus on the afterlife or all things fearful. Fall is death, but sets us up for preparation of a new lives.

Now to get prepared for winter and wait for the other transition period...spring. The season that brings life and fruitfulness.

I have a group of friends...we play together...we drink together...we eat together...we cry together...we do everything...well together. But once in a while, we like to get our families together and do some bonding. For our fall outing, I decided we celebrate the season by going to Waterman's Family Farm here in Indianapolis, IN. Here are some of my favorite shots from the day.

Kiran with her second pumpkin of the season.

Donovan searching for that perfect one.

The kids running without a care in the world.

Indiana is so beautiful this time of year.

Kiran vs. Donovan the saga continues!
Welcome fall...oh how I've missed you!



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