Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Puerto Rico Style

Trick or Treat? Oh….how I remember and love those words.
I love Halloween, it reminds me of the happy times I had trick or treating when I was a kid. Being raised in the States, Halloween was always so much fun. I would go all over the neighborhood with my sister and friends trick or treating. Our neighbors would decorate their homes to receive us.
Costumes at Gay Party in San Juan

 I always remember one house. The couple would dress up as witches and do a magic show before giving us candy. I can remember it like it was yesterday and many many years have gone by. Then we would come home and sort out candy with my Mom and Dad. What wonderful carefree days they were. 

Model Lisamaris Rosado
On the Island, kids also go trick or treating. Some parents take them to the mall to trick or treat, because they feel it is safer. Now grown ups...that’s another story. Do these people love to party on Halloween or what!?!?
Drag Queen Luly Haddock 
There is a great Halloween Party that is held in San Juan. It is hosted by the Gay Community and it is amazing. Sometimes my kids go to them and I have seen pics that are incredible. They take this very seriously and their costumes are out of this world! On the other hand religious groups are not so fond of these parties, but to be honest, I think if you don’t harm anyone and just have fun that is perfectly fine. We are living through tough times and it is fun to escape to Fantasyland just for a couple of hours to forget all of our worries. I asked my Curvy Girls from the Island to send me pics of their costumes and I have posted some for my friends in the States to see that we love to party on Halloween…..….Enjoy!!!

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Me encanta cuando llega Halloween, me recuerda mi niñez, criadaen los Estados Unidos Halloween era siempre tan divertido, mi hermana y yo íbamos por las casas de nuestro vecindario, los vecinos se lucían decorando sus casas, había una pareja que se vestían de brujas y hacían trucos de magia antes de darnos dulces, luego volvíamos a casa para que mis padres clasificaran los dulces, era todo tan sano en esa época.

Model Rosa M. Rivera
En Puerto Rico Halloween se celebra pero, muchos padres optan por llevar a sus hijos al Centro Comercial a buscar dulces porque se sienten más seguros, ahora si, con los  adultos es otro cuento. En San Juan la comunidad Gay lo celebra por todo lo alto, mis hijos han ido, las fotos son increíbles, ellos toman esta celebración bien en serio y las actividades se hacen sin ningún contratiempo. 

Model Susan Santana
Muchas religiones no están de acuerdo con esta celebración pero es mi sincera opinión que si no le hacen mal a nadie se puede celebrar, estamos viviendo una época difícil y escaparnos al mundo de la fantasía por par de horas nos hace falta!  Este año le pedí a mis chicas con curvas fotos de cómo celebraron su Halloween y las quiero compartir con ustedes….que las disfruten!!!

Model Isaura Garcia

Bendiciones para todos,


  1. I loved the costumes..this Halloween I have been really sick but at least this post cheered me up...Thank you ever so much for putting a smile on my face....J....

  2. Marta that ws great.... thanks to make me part of that. Ws an honor. Isaura.


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