Friday, February 11, 2011

Lovelace in the City: A Single Girl's Guide to Valentine's Day

As you know Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and being the single friend is not always fun. Since Valentine’s Day is on a Monday, there will be couples out in full force the entire weekend. The famous day of love can turn out good or bad; depending on how you approach it. You have a choice to enjoy the day despite not having a Valentine. Or you have the choice to be miserable or depressed and reminisce on all the Valentine’s days of the past. Well I am choosing to enjoy my entire weekend. My plans consist of celebrating my single-hood with a body wrap, shopping, working out, dinner, and homework (that has to be done). If I start to get sad or envious of my friends because they are in relationships, I will remind myself there are damn good reasons why I am not with any of my exes and be thankful I'm not in a volatile relationship.

I thought of a few suggestions for the single Valentine:

If you have single friends, throw a singles’ party. Everyone can appreciate a nice dinner, wine and good old girl talk.

Pamper yourself. Make an appointment at your local spa for a manicure, pedicure or facial. Making myself feel good always puts me in a good mood.

Buy yourself flowers and candy. Who made a rule saying a significant other has to buy those items? At least you will not have to guess what kind of chocolate is in the box, you'll get what you like. Besides who knows you better than you?

Go shopping. Retail therapy is always the best therapy!

Go to a club or bar. Remember, you are not the only single person in the world and you may just meet your future Valentine!

Spend time with family. What better way to spend the holiday dedicated to love than to spend time with the people you love most.

So get up and get out this Valentine’s Day! Don't think about what could have or should have been; it's in the past and did not work for a reason. I know I will have the best Valentine’s Day with the love of my life; just not this year! I hope everyone has a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Remember ladies, love yourself first and laugh at the fools who don’t!

XOXO Angel

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