Friday, February 25, 2011

Local Love: Rock The Casba: Mode Magazine's Fashion & Body Art Show

It's been a crazy busy week. With my money making job, my career job, personal life, school and freelancing I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. In fact, I took some chicken out of the freezer on Monday to cook. I had to throw it away yesterday because it went bad. I haven't even been able to cook a decent meal. Hopefully next week I will slow down a little. I enjoy it, but it can be taxing.

Some of you know I'm a freelance writer. I've started a new assignment for Mode Magazine. Not the old plus size Mode Magazine; the new Mode Magazine geared toward fashion enthusiast in the Midwest. Tuesday night, I went to the Casba in Broad Ripple to cover a fashion and body art show the magazine presented with the Paul Mitchell School. The show featured local fashion designer Heather Davis, stylist Tina Jimison and body artist Josh Barger.
Here are a few pictures. I can't show them all until the magazine hits the shelves at the end of March.

Designed by Heather Davis
Styled by Tina Jimison
Styled by Tina Jimison
Body art by Josh Barger

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