Monday, February 7, 2011

My Faves This Week

It's been a while since I've blogged on Ruby Leonne. I am a blogger for Aesthetic Design Style as well. Make sure you jump over there and read the blog. So here are my faves so far this week:

Curat's Cherry Bombastic (retail $5)

Makeup Artist M. Renee Al-Eryani of Fierce Looks is creator of this all natural line of soaps. Because it's Curat's first birthday she's having a sale on their Cherry Bombastic scent. I ordered some last night! Can't wait to get it. She says it smells like Cherry Now-a-Laters! Mmmm...

Carnelian Crystal
Scrounging around this weekend, I found a necklace with the semi precious gemstone of my zodiac sign. The stone is said to give eloquence to public speaking, relieve depression, dispels apathy, removes fear of death, purifies the blood, relieves menstrual cramps, back pain, nose bleeds and enhances desire and motivation. A lot of job descriptions for a such little stone. I got it...we will see how it goes.

(photo from CBC Sports) Cutey Aaron Rodgers!
Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl last night! YAY! No more football until August or possibly longer if there's a lockout! BOO! If there is a Super Bowl next year, it's in Indianapolis! YAY! Football ending means spring is on its way! YAY! I LOVE FOOTBALL. The Super Bowl always makes me sad. What to do on Sunday afternoons now?

Chloe Narcisse (retail $35.49 for 3.4oz)
Found my favorite fragrance on Chloe Narcisse was released in 1992 and now it is so hard to find. This was my signature fragrance back in my young Ball State days. My roommates and I used it like water. I'm happy I found it. I pray Overstock NEVER runs out! 

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