Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wednesday Family (on Thursday): Staying at Home Moms

I apologize for the delay. Takia sent this to me yesterday. I've been working and blogging for Aesthetic Design Style so I've really been neglecting Ruby Leonne. If anyone specializes in time management, give me a holler. I need HELP. I'm really excited. On top of working for ADS, I'm freelancing for Mode Magazine. Mode Magazine is a fashion rag distributed in the Midwest. (Not to be confused with the plus size Mode Magazine.) With all of that, school and then my job (the way I pay my bills) it's been kinda crazy. Work with me as I try to get a hang of this time management foolishness. Thanks. Here is family Wednesdays on a Thursday.

 I stay at home while my hubby and the kids are in school. I think back to the early generations or theTV image of a stay at home mom. The mother wakes up at the crack of dawn to fix the family breakfast and brown paper bag lunches. She's fully dressed with a dress and an apron on; hair and makeup done. She greets her hubby with his favorite scotch and the evening news. She cooks a four course meal and dessert for the family.

Some women like to work from home while other stays home. Some stay at home moms (SAHM) have hobbies that allowed them to make a little pocket change. Some even write blogs.

I want to salute the SAHM. I have many on my facebook page and love reading your statues about everything from baby fever, poopy diapers, pregnancy fever, first word and every precious moment of being a parent. Ladies, I want you to know don’t forget to TAKE CARE of YOU!!! Make that appointment for hair, nails or massage. Enjoy a day pampering yourself with a new you! Check out some of your local beauty school for cheaper services.

I never thought in a million years would I be a SAHM. I graduated from high school, experienced the college life and went on to receive two licenses; cosmetologist and cosmetology instructor. About a year ago, my family moved in with my aunt and cousin; some well establish women. I learned a lot from them from marriage, raising children and to my appearance. My aunt would make biscuits from scratch every week and freeze them so she can take one out for any meal of the day. She told me having snacks for the kids as soon as they came home from school and having a hot meal waiting on her hubby when he comes home was important to her.

The things I have learned from them not only helped my marriage but me as a woman. Yes I still asked myself how my grandmother, my mother and other women of the family do it having six to 10 plus children. I have to struggle with making a schedule for myself.  I enjoy being at home. I need to get a apron though; I don’t own one.


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