Friday, February 18, 2011

Lovelace in the City: Bad Toonch (FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY)

Hello Blogger World!

Warning! This week’s blog is for the mature crowd. I saw a conversation on Facebook I think would be a good topic to discuss with my fellow bloggers. Would you rather have bad toonch or bad sex in a relationship? (Toonch is my word for oral relations)

Now sex should not be the focus of any relationship, but let us be honest with ourselves; sex is very important. I had to think about which one I think is tolerable. I decided that bad toonch is easier to deal with than bad sex. Bad sex is just a no-no and may end the relationship. You may think I'm being shallow or selfish but as woman, I am responsible for my own sexual satisfaction! Yes, I need a man to help with that, but I should already know what makes my body happy. He should'nt have to guess or try to figure it out on his own. The more I can guide and assist him, the happier I will be.

Let me explain my choice. Unfortunately, I've had both bad sex and NO toonch, so imagine how I was feeling. For the record, I looked past all the bad because I really did care about him. Toonch should be like an appetizer to the main course. It is not necessary to have toonch before every sexual encounter, but it is nice! Toonch can be bad for several reasons: he just may not be experienced, does not like it or never learned how to do it correctly. Those are very fixable things. . Trying to get better toonch from your man has to be approached with care. You all know that men are very sensitive about their sexual egos and competence. If your mate is willing to expand his knowledge; introduce toys, food such as whip cream or chocolate syrup, maybe even watch an adult movie together, or during the act make positive remarks or give polite directions . If it still sucks (no pun intended) after the lessons, then you may have to take toonch out of the relationship altogether. It is not fair that you have to suffer bad toonch or no toonch because he is selfish. So be selfish yourself and tell him that he gets NO toonch either! I bet that will whip him into shape in no time!

Bad sex is just that, bad! It always makes you more upset and leaves you wanting more, but not from him! If you and your partner do not have good sexual, physical chemistry, the chances of a long-lasting relationship are slim to none. Bad sex can lead to cheating, and who wants to do that?! A word to the wise, make sure that YOU are not the one with the bad sex or bad toonch!

Ladies take control over your sexual satisfaction! Do not let your partner always get his without you getting yours!

Always remember to love yourself first and laugh at the fools who don’t!

XOXO Angel

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