Friday, September 24, 2010

I Heart Weddings

My friend Jessica from college is getting married this weekend. So I'm going to her wedding this weekend. This is the last wedding of the year and I'm kinda upset. I love weddings. I love the idea of two people starting a new life together and sharing something bigger than themselves. It excites me. But most of all....I LOVE THE WEDDING ITSELF!! (Yes I'm screaming!) I love everything...the dress, the ceremony, ribbons, cake, chair covers...EVERYTHING! My friend Angela and I, gather around the computer constantly and search wedding websites dreaming of our day we say I do to the ones we love. 

Because I hope to be planning a wedding shortly (Hint hint),  here are some of the things that has caught my eye lately.

My friend Angela LOVE polka dots. This cake is fun yet sophisticated. A bit of Dr. Seuss but a smidgen of Martha Stewart.

 I already have my colors. I've had them since I was like 10! Black, red and white...very simple and elegant. I love black roses, orchids and calla lilies; meaning love, seduction and beauty.

I'm not traditional. I love to play with lengths, shapes and maybe some color in a wedding dress. I want something knee to tea length (maybe a little longer). No veil...and definately no train.
I will post pics of my friend's wedding when I get back. I bought this dress from Igigi last week I can't wait to wear.
~ Janelle

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