Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Nashville Booty!

LOL!! I'm not talking about booty the body part! I'm talking about the great deals I found at JCPenney this past weekend on my trip to Nashville. I generally don't wear accessories. I always get hung up, caught on something or I always break them. I have a ring (not engagement) from my boyfriend he bought me a few years ago, and I don't even wear that. But because of my hair changes (coming soon in another post), I feel that accessories are needed to play with my outfits and keep me from looking like a drunk auntie or a guy.

So while my friend and her friends were shopping, I snooped around the accessory section at JCPenney in Cool Springs Galleria as well.

The gold and pearl necklace was originally $26. I bought it on clearance for $5.17. The silver and jade necklace had the original price of $28. I bought it for $8.40. I also purchase two hair flowers for $6.99. The original price...wait for it...$12.

I saved a total of $45.44 on Saturday. I'm proud of me! Now to wear them...maybe I will this week with the booty I bought from Torrid. Just ordered some earrings from eBay I should be getting soon. I'll share once those come in.

~ Janelle

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