Monday, September 20, 2010

Local Love: Chaka Pryor

(Chaka Pryor doing a runway show for local designer, Koko Brownlow.)

One of the hottest clubs in Indianapolis, Cloud 9, featured a fashion show Sunday, September 19. I requested an interview with plus size model and makeup artist, Chaka Pryor. Chaka is a graduate from Arsenal Technical High School where she took Cosmetology. She enjoys doing fantasy make-up for shows and photo shoots and she is a plus size model. Girl is busy. Because of Chaka's schedule, she offered me an afternoon/evening to shadow her as she did makeup for the show at Cloud 9. I jumped at the opportunity.

I had the honor to sit by her side as she transformed seven ladies for Sunday's fashion show.

(Chaka and Nicole Michelle, one of the models for the fashion show.)

RL: What's your name?

CP: Chaka Pryor

RL: How did you get involved in plus size modeling?

CP: Classics Styles show with Blades Entertainment. {I} did a video called "Model Walk" with Big Dave.

RL: I seen the "Model Walk" video by Blade Entertainment, was that your first music video?

CP: Yes, and that video was filmed at Cloud 9.

RL: How long have you been modeling?

CP: Four years

RL: Are there any local designers that you favor?

CP: Koko Brown is one of the designers I like. {Her} clothes fit {and} are not too big or too small in the hips.

RL: What do you look for when shopping?

CP: Quality is the main thing.

RL: Let talk about Women Exposed Fashion Show, this was my first time seeing you as a model. I was impressed with your skills and attitude. How did you feel about that show?

CP: {It was a} different experience, {but I} enjoyed the ladies I worked with.

(Chaka at work. Model: Shawna)
RL: What makes Chaka stand-out from all the rest?

CP: Personality, {I'm} one of the kind, no one can come close. {I'm} up for a challenge if they THINK they can.

RL: What would you say to a young upcoming plus size model?

CP: DO NOT let anyone say you can’t do it!!! My mother is my biggest fan. She {is} always there for me.

RL: What get your blood pumping before a show? Do you have a routine?

CP: {The} crowd. I get nervous before I hit the stage, but once I’m on stage I’m okay.

(Chaka gets model, Ruby, ready for fashion show.)

RL: Let talk about makeup tips. What should one do to enhance their eyes and lips?

CP: Eyes colors have to complement each other and your complexion. {There are} no limited {number} of how many eyes colors to use. Lips can’t be crusty! Lips need to be popping. Satin Lips (a product from Mary Kay) helps get rid of chapped lips.

(Chaka and model, Nicole Michelle, puts on face.)
I truly enjoyed Chaka inviting me to shadow her for the day. Look for Chaka as she continues to make moves in fields of modeling and makeup artistry.


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