Friday, September 17, 2010

My Top Ten Influential Fashion Icons Part One

Earlier in the week, had a post on 10 influential fashion icons of the decade. The list included the likes of Lady Gaga, Michelle Obama and other mavericks in the media and fashion industry.

As I was browsing through the list, I started to wonder who would my 10 icons be? Who were the men and women that shaped the way I look at fashion? Who were the people who made me start Ruby Leonne? Here are my first five influential fashion icons. (There is no particular order.)

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Elsa Klensch
Well known fashion journalist and author

I remember my sister and I running down the stairs as kids and surfing channels on the HUGE cable box sitting above the television. Elsa Klensch's Style was a program that was never missed in my household as a child. With her British accent and her ability to find art in everything, I wanted to grow up to be Elsa Klensch. Her elegance and grace is what made me want to find a career in fashion...and then of course I wanted to be an attorney too.

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John Galliano
Fashion Designer

Galliano is one of the first designers that I ever heard of. I found out about him while watching Klensch's Style. He is raw and off the wall. I love the way he uses fabric and shapes to make a piece. He's an architect, not a designer. He's quirky and I love him.

Coco Chanel
Fashion Designer and Icon
What do you say about a legend? Chanel came from nothing, but took the world by storm. Chanel still has the hottest label postmortem. With many books, movies and television shows detailing her life, she is more than a designer, she is an enigma.
Bill Blass
Fashion Designer
No one did American sportswear like Bill Blass. One of the first fashion autobiographies I've ever read. He intrigued me because he's a fellow Hoosier. That's right...he's from Indiana; Fort Wayne as a matter of fact. He proves that there is so much more than corn in Indiana. We have many designers from Indiana present day that has the potential to blow up to Blass status.
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Andre Talley
Contributing Editor at Vogue Magazine
One of fashion's elite, Talley is pure royalty. Whether it is promoting young designers, sitting in the front row of the top fashion shows or writing and editing for Vogue, Talley is one of the busiest men in fashion. He has a keen eye which makes him a great fashion journalist.

Okay, so that's my first five. More to come.

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