Monday, April 12, 2010

Wear Some Good Underwear Under There

The weather is getting warmer and ladies don't lose your mind. Every year you can tell when it's spring or just getting warmer by what a woman wears. As a plus size women, we should all consider ourselves models and I like to dress sexy every now and then. That doesn't means let it all hang out! Ladies, be smart about your choice of fashion and your choice of undergarments as well. I hate trying on clothes, but I like to look good in my clothes as well. Whether that means wearing a full body shaper, control top pantyhose and wearing the right size bra. When you wear the correct undergarments with the proper size, you look great and you feel good about your size. Model your fashion this summer!!!!

Here are some tips on shopping for undergarments:

1. get measured for the right size bra,

2. wear the right size undergarments,

3. try out different shapers (full, partial, full control),

4. invest in more than one undergarment at a time (check out sales),

5. tone your body; lift weights, go swimming or whatever exercise you feel like doing.

(We love Spanx, but there are plenty of other hosiery and body shapers out there. I would start my search at the Spanx's website, Torrid or Bare Necessities)

Guest Contributor
Takia Harrow

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