Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Get Designer Items at 80% off with Ideeli


So I am in a love hate relationship with Ideeli. Ideeli is a website where consumers can get a free membership and buy designer and brand name clothes, shoes and other items for up to 80% of the designer price. There is no membership fee to buy the items, but for those that want first dibs, you can upgrade to "1st row" for $24 a quarter or $84 a year. (Get a fashion show! Hee Hee snort snort!) Items are on sale for a couple of days or until they run out.

Chicas, they have the good stuff like DKNY Home, Christian LaCroix and Tommy Hilfiger at dirt cheap prices; a different share of designers every couple of days. The thing that sucks is that they don't feature a lot of clothing designers that carry plus unless you are a size 14 or 16. Every once in a while they will throw us a bone. They featured CK last week in "special sizes".  

If you are a label whore, then this site is for you. Where else can you get an Abs gold mesh lariat necklace for $99. The designer price...$250! On their facebook page, many people have complained about the lack of plus sizes and designers. Hopefully they will listen to their fans and open up their choices.

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