Monday, April 5, 2010

The Curvy Revolution...I Paid My First Installment!

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So sorry, I was sick last week so I didn't get any posting done. I hate being sick. I'm back on my game Mamis!

But while I was sick, I put my deposit down on The Curvy Revolution conference 2011 being held in Las Vegas, NV Feb. 18th-20th. I am so excited. I found out about the conference while blog surfing a couple of weeks ago. So I have been telling all my friends about the "big gurl conference".

Fashion shows and workshops are just a small part of the three day agenda. But what I think I am looking forward to the most is the "Diva Swap", swapping gently used clothes with other divas from all around the country. Just think about the possibilities!

Registration is inexpensive and easy! Go to to find out more details. Come on girls, even though it's in February, we all know that time is flying by. So plan now! Let take over Vegas yawh!

Hopefully, I can get an interview with the hostess of the event. When I do, I will definitely post it. I will keep you posted of any changes and updates as the event gets closer. I hope to see you there!

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