Monday, July 19, 2010

Real Women Exposed Part Un

The ladies of Ruby Leonne spent last Thursday night gazing at the creations of local designers and retailers at 4cast Magazine's Real Women Exposed: Fashion Experience at Club 500. Here is my take and top picks of the night.

I was disappointed because the show started late. I hate waiting and I had to be at work the next day. So I was a little annoyed when the show first started. But once the show got underway, we were truly entertained.

The organizers didn't say whose designs were whose, but I did reach out to KoKo Brown, a designer here in Indy. She describes her clothes as being classy, sexy and graceful. I agree. Most of her designs made my top picks. RL hopes to do an interview and spotlight KoKo in a future post. I'm sorry for not having the names of the designers.

So here are my top 10 pics of the night!

My favorite of the night! Designed by KoKo Brown
The blue chiffon top is a truly flirty piece for hot summer days. The model worked it!

Another piece by KoKo Brown. Who says you can't wear stripes?

Designed by KoKo Couture (not to be mistaken for KoKo Brown)

A simple black dress made elegant with the ornamentation on the sides. A great piece!

Love the dress...remember ladies with your ripped fashions to be careful and tasteful with your undies. The accessories really helped the feel of the dress. A definite 10!

Keeping it sporty and full of attitude!

Here comes the sun! A great sophisticated piece that is very versatile.

The top is superb. You can wear with flirty shorts or jeans.

The off the shoulder top is huge now. It is becoming a staple in the wardrobe of the plus size woman.

Bubble dresses scare me. I'm a large hipped woman, so I fear anything that will make me look wider. But this piece was well executed. Nothing scary here.

More to come from the Real Women Exposed Show. Hopefully we can get Mrs. Takia to give us her top 10 soon. 

~ Janelle

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