Thursday, June 17, 2010

Easy Breezy Beautiful Other Brands?

(From Cover Girl Website)

Those who know me know that I LOVE makeup. I love trying new things and and new products. Unfortunately, makeup can be very expensive. So who knew that Cover Girl has a place on their website that allows you to "match your department store shade for less".

Bobbi Brown, MAC and Sephora are just a few brands that Cover Girl list swaps for. Once you choose the brand that you are looking for, choose the category you are looking for (foundation, eyeshadow, etc), then pick the product and/or shade. Cover Girl lets you know what they have that is similar to the expensive department store product that you love.

I encourage all you makeup fiends to check out the website and play with it. There are a lot of options but it still missing some name brands. (I wish they could match Avon or Mary Kay!) But it is a great start for people who want to look their best at an inexpensive price.

Go to Cover Girl's website for more details.

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