Monday, June 28, 2010

BET Awards Red Carpet

I didn't watch the BET Awards last night. I'm sure they will be playing it all week on BET. I did watch the highlights...Patti LaBelle kicking off her shoes for Prince's tribute performance (I'm sure he will be adding those to his closet...I heart Prince!) and Chris Brown's tears while the spirit of Michael Jackson possessed his body. Here are some looks on the red carpet that caught my eye.

Okay...Jermaine... WOW... today on Tom Joyner's radio show, Huggy LowDown said he looked like a bird from the BP oil spill.  I almost wrecked laughing so hard. I know the 80's are coming back, but using pre-con gel and a box...REALLY?!? His sides are so smooth...he used a boar bristle brush, toothbrush, wig brush, brush fire...

Jenna Frederique's tribute to Madonna was very cute. It was simplistic but still bold. I don't like the shoes though. I would have paired the outfit with black shoes...definately sans bows!

Brandy's dress reminded me of Gone With The Wind, it looked like someone took old drapery and tried to weave a masterpiece.

Kim Coles is my gurl...I think she is truly a diva in her own right! I love the dress...but I don't know if it is an award show dress. It is so casual.

I love Taraji, she is always so classy, and this silver Mandalay dress proves it!! She is my red carpet mom.

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