Friday, November 18, 2011

Castelar at the Movies: Puss in Boots

This film explores the origins of this feline adventurer who started out as a lonely orphan. Fortunately, this young cat was found and raised by a woman known as Imelda. This good hearted woman ran an orphanage and in that particular orphanage Puss met Humpty Dumpty who in this film is voiced by Zach Galifianakis.
Humpty Dumpty is an ingenious character who believes in fairy tales and there is one story in particular that caught his attention. Throughout the years, Humpty had been looking for the mythical magic beans that would lead him to find the Golden Goose. Puss decides to join Humpty on his quest and during their first years they began stealing every single bean that they could in order to find these legendary beans. Eventually, a single event would change the course of their friendship forever.
One day, Puss saves the life of an old lady which makes him a hero. As a token of his bravery, he is given his famous attire which he wears throughout the film as his personal trademark. From that moment onward, he becomes the courageous Puss in Boots; but as time went on his best friend Humpty Dumpty winds up on the opposite side of the law since Puss wasn’t there to convince him to follow a righteous path full of moral excellence.  
     Afterwards, Puss is tricked by his best friend into doing something which would make him an outlaw; constantly hunted down by the law. During this time, Puss wanders across the land as an unwelcomed outsider who constantly has many romantic adventures while flirting with danger at every turn. When Puss finds out that the magical beans that he had been looking for most of his life exist, he decides to steal them from its current owners.
The magical beans are held by Jack and Jill, the most dangerous and ruthless criminals that currently exist. These murderous outlaws are two of the most despicable characters that I have seen in these types of films as they are a pair of vile and conniving human beings that you can easily despise.

One of the best characters in this film is the slick and sexy Kitty Softpaws, who is one of the best cat thieves in the world.  Puss meets this mysterious character when it is evident that she also wants to steal the magical beans from Jack and Jill. Salma Hayek voices this sexy and dangerous feline with efficacy and at the same time she adds an interesting character to this film that is both wild and enjoyable to watch.
Overall, the film explores the themes of loneliness, honor, friendship, and betrayal in a way that is both entertaining and efficient which manages to please its audience with ease. 


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