Monday, August 29, 2011

Wouldn't It Be Loverly

This weekend was our first Aesthetic Design Style House photoshoot. I had the honor to work with some amazing and special women this weekend. It was a wonderful time with lots of sweat...we used the upstairs of a warehouse/office building, which probably hasn't been used in AGES. It was creepy and dirty, (I probably have a touch of lead and asbestos flowing through my veins.) but we got some WONDERFUL shots.

Thanks to everyone that put everything together. We had some rough patches at the beginning, but we pulled through it. Everyone was there that was supposed to be there! Here are some behind the scene shots I took of the photoshoot.


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  1. Looks good!! Can't wait to see the final images from this shoot! Love the red and blue wrap dresses in the bottom picture!

    Xo - Christy


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