Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Life is a Bowl of Cherries

Hello everyone! I've been going non-stop the past two weeks. I've neglected my blog...yet again. Please be patient with me as the diamond dust starts to settle. First, the fall semester is coming to a close. I'm excited. This has been the hardest non busiest semester since I've enrolled back in school. The biggest thorn in my side is a group project that I have to do. I hate school group projects. I'd rather have blood taken and I hate needles. Second, I have a public relations internship with Aesthetic Design Style (ADS) here in Indianapolis. ADS is a liaison between independent fashion and accessory designers and retailers around the country. I'm so amped to be working with them. {Doing my mashedpotatohappydanceinmychair Ahuhn Ahuhn!}

I want to thank all our readers and followers. The blog will be a year old in February. Gawsh, time has flown by. I want to prepare you for some exciting things as we grow. This is a new experience and everyday I learn something new. Thanks again!

Stay tuned for our holiday hands contest!


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